How to integrate the Registry of Institutions Linked to the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights

On June 28, 2013, Resolution Ex. 215 (download here) was issued, by which the consolidated text of the operating regulations of the Registry of institutions linked to the defense and promotion of human rights was approved, which establishes the registration procedure for entities linked to human rights that wish to participate in the election of four of the councilors who are part of the Council of the National Human Rights Institute (INDH), in accordance with the provisions of Art. 6 °, letter e) of Law 20,405.

How can my organization integrate the Registry of Institutions related to the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights?

Institutions that meet the following requirements can register in the Registry:

  • a) Have a valid legal personality and antiquity of at least one year from its creation.
  • b) Be linked to the defense and promotion of human rights. Such a situation shall be deemed to have been accredited if, in the Institution’s organic statutes, it is stated or made clear that its main purpose is the defense and promotion of human rights, in the terms established in Law 20,405, of the persons who inhabit the territory of Chile.

Is registration free?

Incorporation in the indicated Registry is free, and interested institutions must submit a written request and must also include the following documents:

  • i. Certificate of valid legal personality, no less than 30 days old.
  • ii. Authorized copy of the current Statutes of the Institution.
  • iii. Payroll of the Institution’s Directory, if any, and identification of the legal representative.
  • iv. Background of the Institution and its legal representative, including a simple copy of the identity card, telephone, address, and email of both.

Where do I send the information?

The indicated information must be delivered to the INDH office located at Av. Eliodoro Yáñez 832, Providencia, Santiago or sent to that address by post. These documents must be original; no photocopies or scans will be accepted.

The more specific information on the registration procedure, resources, and other antecedents are regulated in Resolution 215 (download here) referred to above.

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