INDH Council

The Council of the National Human Rights Institute (INDH) is the body in charge of making the most relevant institutional decisions. This Council is made up of 11 people with recognized experience in the field of human rights who are appointed for a period of six years. The members of the Council elect a director from among themselves and by an absolute majority, who has an exclusive dedication and is in charge of the executive direction, management, administration, and legal representation of the institution.

In order to guarantee pluralism and diversity in the composition of the Council, its members are elected as follows:

  • Two councilors appointed by the President of the Republic, who must be from different regions of the country.
  • Two councilors appointed by the Senate.
  • Two councilors appointed by the Chamber of Deputies.
  • A councilor appointed by the deans of the Faculties of Law of the universities that are members of the Council of Rectors and of autonomous universities.
  • Four councilors appointed in the manner established by the statutes, by the institutions linked to the defense and promotion of human rights that have current legal personality, registered in the respective registry that the Institute will keep.

Internal work committees

For the development of its tasks, the Council may establish internal work commissions, which will be in charge of specific tasks or matters proper to the Institute. Each committee will be chaired by a member of the Board, and distinguished persons with proven experience in the matter in question may be invited to participate in them.

The INDH Council is made up of: