INDH Mission

We are the state institution that, in an autonomous and pluralistic way, promotes a culture that respects human rights, monitors the work of the State of Chile, based on standards in the matter, and protects the dignity of all the people who live in the national territory.

 INDH Vision

By 2023, the INDH will be the specialized agency that autonomously and pluralistically contributes as an agent of change to the consolidation of a democratic culture that respects human rights.

 INDH Objectives

Generate a broad and pluralistic understanding of human rights in the country

  • Generate pluralistic information that reduces gaps in the understanding of human rights.
  • Promote the inclusion of standards on human rights that guide the State’s duties.
  • Facilitate access to knowledge and awareness of human rights and national historical memory.

Position the INDH’s role as an agent of change in human rights 

  • Identify and strategically promote the institution’s protection actions.
  • Install a comprehensive preventive and promotional approach as the guiding principle for the protection of human rights.
  • Monitor and prepare recommendations for the fulfillment of the commitments adopted by the State of Chile in the area of ​​human rights.
  • Strengthen the cooperation network with national and international organizations.

Strengthen the institutional management of the INDH

  •  Strengthen institutional strategic management
  • Promote the development of people by promoting diversity and plurality.
  • Promote optimization in the use of internal resources.